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Let's get started selling tickets! Here’s the run down on how BookTix can provide you with a simple and professional ticketing system.

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Will I be charged a set-up fee to load my venue's seating chart into the system?
Not at all. Loading your venue map is completely free.

Can you do reserved seating as well as general admission, or even mix both in the same performance?
Absolutely. BookTix offers three different seating scenarios: General Admission (open seating), Reserved Seating (each patron selects a unique section, row and seat) and our newest option, Hybrid Seating (where some sections are reserved and others are general admission).

Do patrons select their seats from the seating map or are they assigned seats randomly?
Patrons can select their seats.

Can I set limits of availability or hold house seats?
Absolutely. You have the ability to prevent seats from being sold to the general public that you are saving for VIPs, judges, volunteers, etc.

Must my organization have a website to use BookTix?
Not at all. We host the virtual box office on our servers. We give the theater a link to a page that is themed to look like it is part of the organization’s website for a seamless integrated experience. While it’s easiest to include a “buy tickets now” link off your site, you can always place the link on your Facebook page or in an e-blast or even on a poster.

How long before my show opens should I go on sale?
It all depends on your marketing strategy and promotional campaign, but we suggest at least 3 or 4 weeks. We have clients that go on sale months before and others that open 2 nights prior to curtain.

How quickly can you set up my account?
We can usually set up most accounts in a day or two, but no promises as it all depends on the complexity of your theater’s seating layout. We build your seating chart thoroughly and larger venues can sometimes take an extra day.

What is the difference between the virtual online box office and the administrative portal?
The virtual online box office is where your patrons will access your ticketing page to purchase tickets. The administrative portal is the “backend” of your website, where you can not only manage all of the tickets sold, run reports, handle exchanges, view patrons, do reprints, etc, but also use the point of sale tool to sell and scan tickets in person.

How many people from my organization can get access to the administrative portal?
Each administrative user must have their own login and we can create as many as needed. Having said that, since administrative users have access to many financial and marketing features, this should be limited to key individuals such as the producer, business manager, or box office manager.

Do you really provide a printer and stock at no charge?
Yes we do. As we have stated, our mission is to help the arts thrive. Providing an equipment kit valued at over $250 dollars is our way of demonstrating that commitment to your group. We know what it is like to run programs and want to help your alleviate any start up costs.

What happens if we run out of stock right before showtime?
It's a good idea to check your inventory after every show and let us know if we need to mail you more. However, in the rare occurrence, you can hook up any standard inkjet or laser printer to complete the task.

Can BookTix be used if we don't have internet access at the door?
While it is recommended to use our system in its full capacity, organizations without internet in the point of sale area can print out advance sale orders in a remote location a few hours before curtain and manually fill tickets.

What if a theater only wants to use the system for advance online sales?
In that case, patrons bring a confirmation email and pick up their seats at the door.

What if someone loses their print-at-home ticket?
Every ticket sold is tracked in the system. You can easily print out their tickets in seconds.

How do the scanners work?
In the administrative section of the website there is a Scan Ticket option. You plug the scanner into your laptop and scan the barcode. If the page turns green the ticket is good to go, if it turns red the ticket has either been scanned already, is for the wrong date or is counterfeit.

Can we use the system without scanners?
Absolutely. In cases where scanners are not preferred, you can rip stubs on hard tickets and collect online tickets. If you want to verify purchases, you can download and printout a list of all purchased tickets.

I have more than one entry point, how would the scanner work?
Our scanner is very quick and much faster than ripping stubs. In cases where the venue is large and you want multiple entry locations you will require a laptop with internet access and a scanner at each door. We provide one scanner, you can rent additional units from us at a nominal charge or purchase suggested models on your own.

Does BookTix offer season ticket subscriptions?
Yes, we offer a feature that allows customizable packages such as buying one ticket to every show at a flat rate.

Does BookTix offer discount/promotional codes?
Yes, we offer customizable coupon codes that can be used for special marketing promotions such as buy one get one free or 50% off when a full price is purchased.

Can the system do comp tickets?
Of course we can.

Can we sell advertising on the print at home ticket as a fundraiser?
Yes, there is a section of the print-at-home ticket reserved for you to place an advertisement. We just require the image to meet our size and resolution specification.

Can the system do an advance presale?
Yes, once a show has been loaded and approved by you, a unique link is generated to give access to certain patrons prior to the general public.

Can individual students/ cast members get credit for sales they help make?
Your organization may choose to either request or require that the patron add the name of the cast member when purchasing tickets. This feature can also be disabled if you prefer not to track this data.

What are the fees for online and at-door printed tickets?
Tickets paid for with a credit card INCLUDE credit card processing fees and are based on your ticket price. Printed cash and check tickets incur a tiny fee per ticket sold. This covers the cost of the ticket stock, the printer, the infrastructure, barcodes, seating map, accounting, etc. Remember you no longer need to print and number paper tickets. See our costs page for more detailed pricing information.

Can ticket fees be hidden and paid by the theater?
Yes, ticketing fees can be split between you and the patron, however you choose. This can even be done differently by type of ticket. Some of our clients will use this feature to cover the costs for student tickets, for example, while asking adults to cover the fees with the ticket price.

Can the system accept donations at check out?
Yes, donations can be included in a ticket order, or made as a standalone transaction.

When do you send us our check?
We cut a check to your organization within 5 business days of the close of your show.

Can the system do exchanges in case people purchase the wrong date or seats?
You determine your own exchange policy, but the tools to manage exchanges are very easy to use. Once you switch their seats, you can email the patron their new tickets or print them out with the click of a button.

Is your website safe and secure?
BookTix uses secure credit card processing and is PCI complient. We are committed to ensuring the privacy of all our patrons. We use only the highest quality processing and servers. We purchase our technology from the same vendors used by some of the largest online retailers on the internet.

Is your system powerful enough to handle the volume of tickets we sell?
We are in the business of providing top quality ticketing, and our infrastructure is built to sustain the demand of ticket rushes. However, many of our dance studio clients have an unusual surge of demand within the first 10 seconds. We ask that they let us know when they flip the switch so we can actively monitor the system during the first few minutes to ensure amazing service for all patrons.

Who gets access to the reports?
We can provide administrative login access to members of your staff that require it.